The ordered report (the “Report”) sets forth confidential information about a specific company, where the order is placed, (the “Company”) and is prepared in the form of an informative report. The Report is intended to be read and used as a whole and not in parts. Separation or alteration of any section or page from the main body of the Report is expressly forbidden.

The author of the Report is MNK Risk Consulting Ltd who also conducted the work and analyses which have led to the results presented therein. The ordered Report shall be prepared following instructions received by MNK Risk Consulting Ltd from the ordering Person/Corporation (the “Recipient”), and provides information that the Recipient can consider for general information purposes only. The Report shall be prepared for the exclusive use, benefit and knowledge of the Recipient(s). The Report shall be prepared solely by MNK Risk Consulting Ltd and no third – parties have been involved in this respect.

Ratings, recommended credit amounts and AML profiling (where included) assigned by MNK Risk Consulting Ltd are subjective views based on established criteria and methodologies that MNK Risk Consulting Ltd is continuously evaluating and updating. The Report shall be prepared for information purposes only and nothing in the order report is or should be construed as advice to proceed or not to proceed with a transaction. While the Report may be a factor to be taken into account by the Recipient(s) when deciding whether or not to proceed, regard must be taken by the Recipient(s) to the fact that MNK Risk Consulting Ltd relies on data available on the public domain and should not be regarded as a substitute for any warranties or representations or other work a buyer / seller / provider / supplier (or other business relationship between you and the rated Company) would reasonably be expected to obtain / carry out.

The Report shall be prepared by using and in reliance to publicly available sources and/or information collected by third parties and through research, as well as local and international public data (articles, magazines, newspapers, etc.), thereinafter “Facts”. MNK Risk Consulting Ltd, its employees and all connected persons, make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information appearing in the public domain and/or provided by any third party. Therefore, the author, its employees and all its connected persons shall accept no liability by any third party in respect of any actions, decisions or any losses arising directly or indirectly as a result of relying on such information presented therein.

In addition, the ratings, the recommended credit amounts and the credit risk related information are the collective work product of MNK Risk Consulting Ltd and no individual, or group of individuals, is solely responsible. Ratings are subject to change, and therefore cannot be described as being “accurate” or “inaccurate”. Recipient(s) should refer to the definition of each individual rating for guidance on the risk implications by such rating; such definitions appear on the actual report. Credit ratings do not directly address any risk other than credit risk. Credit ratings do not comment on the adequacy of market price or market liquidity for rated instruments, although such considerations may affect MNK Risk Consulting Ltd’s view on credit risk, such as access to capital or likelihood of refinancing. Similarly, AML Risk do not address any risks other than Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing related matters.

The author of the Report, being MNK Risk Consulting Ltd, is not responsible for any decisions made in connection with the implementation or use of the Report. MNK Risk Consulting Ltd provides opinions solely based on the Facts provided as described above.

The Report shall be prepared by MNK Risk Consulting Ltd in accordance with the instructions of the Recipient(s) and the Recipient(s) is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the information contained therein.

In addition, the Recipient(s) shall not, without the prior written consent of MNK Risk Consulting Ltd, provide or otherwise disclose any information contained to this Report to any third party. The existence or content of this Report shall be kept confidential and not be disclosed to any third party. Any breach (accidental and/or intentional) of this section, as well as any consequences – including but not limited to financials – will be the sole responsibility of the Recipient(s). The Recipient shall ensure that none of its directors, officers, employees, agents, sub-contractors or advisers shall breach the present terms. Access to this report and its use by any third party, provided always that the prior written consent of MNK Risk Consulting Ltd has been obtained, implies acceptance by the third party of the terms and conditions contained in the Report.  

Unless agreed otherwise with the Recipient(s), MNK Risk Consulting Ltd retain exclusively the copyright and other intellectual property rights, of the Report. Recipient(s) shall not use the information provided to the Report for any other purpose other than as contemplated therein. In particular, Recipient(s) cannot sell the Report to any third parties or use such Report for commercial or other purposes other than for own business use.

MNK Risk Consulting Ltd is fully compliant with GDPR Regulation and any personal information provided to the ordered report should be processed with respect to the rights and the freedoms of data subjects. Recipient(s) of the report are committed to process this information in accordance to the GDPR Regulation, the Cyprus Law 125(I)/2018, any other relevant to the data protection national legislation.