What is a Credit Rating?

A credit rating is a quantified assessment of the creditworthiness of the assessed company; it provides a subjective view of the assessed company’s ability to repay in full its contractual financial obligations. 

How can I order a Company Business Rating Report?

Straightforward. You can order on-line a Company Business Rating Report by filling-in the Input Form. Click here

Why shall I order a Company Business Rating Report?

A Company Business Rating Report enables you to check a company quickly and simply, verify your business partners, vendors, buyers, suppliers, etc.., mitigate trade risks and make better & risk-informed decisions.

For which Countries, can I order a Company Business Rating Report?

You can place an order for a Company Business Rating Report only for Companies that are incorporated in Cyprus and Greece.

What is the expected delivery time of a Company Business Rating Report?

The delivery time depends from the type of the Report:

  • Comprehensive report: 4 working days.
  • Premium report: 7 working days.

Who can order a Company Business Rating Report?

Anyone can order a Company Business Rating Report, from individuals to entrepreneurs, retailers to corporates (such as mobile phone contract suppliers, supermarkets, service providers, goods suppliers, other types of credit providers), insurance companies, banking and other credit institutions, finance companies, investment firms, electronic money and payment institutions, etc.

What information is contained within the Company Business Rating Report?

A Comprehensive Report includes the following:

  • General & Registration details for the requested Company.
  • Financial Statements with Analysis and Key Ratios.
  • Capital & Corporate Structure.
  • Industry Sector information and Country Risk.
  • A comprehensive picture of credit worthiness of your business partners and future clients.
  • Credit Risk Analytics.

You may order our Premium report which contain additional information on AML Risk Assessment for the assessed Company, its shareholders and directors.

How much can I rely on the Company Business Rating Report and how accurate is it?

The Company Business Rating Report has been prepared by using and in reliance to publicly available sources and information collected by third parties and through research as well as local and international public data (articles, magazines, newspapers, etc.). MNK Risk Consulting Ltd, its employees and all connected persons, make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information appearing in the public domain and/or provided by any third party. Therefore, the author, its employees and all its connected persons shall accept no liability by any third party in respect of any actions, decisions or any losses arising directly or indirectly as a result of relying on such information presented therein.

How often do you prepare a Company Business Rating Report for a specific Company?

Every time an order is placed for the specific company to be assessed.

In case there are changes in the assessed Company, such as new financial statements made available or changes in the directors, after I have received a report on the Company, will you send me a revised report?

In order to receive an updated report, you would need to place a new order.

How can I use the ordered report?

The ordered Report provides information that the Recipient can consider for general information purposes only. Ratings, recommended credit amounts and AML profiling (where included) assigned by MNK Risk Consulting Ltd are subjective views based on established criteria and methodologies that MNK Risk Consulting Ltd is continuously evaluating and updating. The Report shall be prepared for information purposes only and nothing in the order report is or should be construed as advice to proceed or not to proceed with a transaction. While the Report may be a factor to be taken into account by the Recipient(s) when deciding whether or not to proceed, regard must be taken by the Recipient(s) to the restrictions on the scope of our work and should not be regarded as a substitute for any warranties or representations or other work a buyer / seller / provider / supplier would reasonably be expected to obtain/ carry out. Ratings are subject to change, and therefore cannot be described as being “accurate” or “inaccurate”.

How do I get help if I have questions about the Company Business Rating Report provided?

If you have any questions relating to the contents of the ordered Company Business Rating Report, please send an email to cobizrating@mnkriskconsulting.com

Order your Company Business Rating Report now.