Regulatory Risk Management Services


We provide Risk Management Services to regulated EU and non-EU Investment Firms, Investment Funds, Fund Managers, Payment Services Institutions, Administrative Services Providers, Electronic Money Institutions, Banks, that wish to outsource the regulatory obligations of their Risk Management Function, or to have an external independent Risk Manager Advisor providing the relevant service requested by the client.

We may also undertake the preparation of your entity’s Annual Risk Manager Report. In addition to the Capital Adequacy and Large Exposures quarterly reports (Common Reporting Templates-COREPS) preparation for CySEC, we may also assist you with:

  • Risk Taking Policy Statements: preparation and/or review;
  • Trading Book Policy statements: preparation and/or review;
  • Advisory on optimising your Capital Adequacy;
  • Maintaining compliance with regulatory limits;
  • Advisory on better managing Large Exposures with respect to regulatory limits (e.g. through the use of financial collateral);
  • Advisory on managing prudential and actual liquidity;
  • Ensuring compliance with the relevant and current regulatory requirements, including: Basel III / EU Capital Requirements Directive (“CRD”) IV / EU Capital Requirements Regulation (“CRR”).

With regards to EU CRD IV / EU CRR, our Capital Adequacy services to you include:  

  • Calculation of Eligible Own Funds;
  • Calculation of Risk-Weighted Assets (RWA);
  • Calculation of Capital Adequacy Ratios (CAR);
  • Completion of Common Reporting (COREP) templates and submission of returns to CySEC per calendar quarter;
  • Calculation of Large Exposures, completion of regulatory templates and submission of returns to CySEC per calendar quarter;
  • Completion of Geographical Exposures report template;
  • Completion of Leverage report template.

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