CySEC Examinations Announcement

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CySEC issued an announcement on the 24th March 2020 regarding the postponement of all certification examinations, due to the confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in Cyprus. The certification examinations are postponed until the 30th April 2020.

Candidates already registered for the exams shall be informed at a later stage of the new exam dates.

Re CySEC Certification and AML Exam please note:

  • Persons who have been given a deadline of six (6) months to pass the examinations as per paragraph 5(11) of the Directive regarding the Certification of Persons and the Certification Registers, they will automatically receive an extension of the 6 month-period with the respective postponed period.
  • The period of twelve (12) months that the appointed AML Compliance Officers have as a deadline to pass the AML examinations is extended with the respective postponed period.

Should you need more information regarding the CySEC certification examinations you may contact us on or 25 508 201.