Circular C211 (“the Circular”) dated 19.05.17 regarding Expansion of CySEC Portal to include CIF Record Content

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Through the Circular, CySEC informs the Regulated Entities that a new CIF Record Content has been established in replacement of the existing one that was submitted using XML files via the TRS System. The present Circular replaces the following Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the Commission’) circulars that are no longer in effect:

CI144-2012-01 30 January 2012
CI144-2012-22 14 December 2012
CI144-2013-26 03 October 2013

The new CIF Record Content will:

  1. be part of the CySEC Portal giving the CIFs a user-friendly interface resulting in an efficient data input and submission;
  2. allow CIFs to view all of their reported data and perform immediately any additions / changes;
  3. be a Form based system divided in various sections so that the information reported to CySEC is increased, meaning that now, CIFs should exercise caution in correctly completing all the sections that are relevant to them.

CySEC’s expects that: CIFs shall follow the steps provided below:

  1. Successful connection to CySEC Portal using the already possessed by CIFs credentials. In case of a new CIF, these credentials can be obtained by email to stating the CIF name and the CySEC license number;
  2. Completion of the relevant Forms included under each sub-section of the dedicated section (i.e. CIF Record Content) in the Portal. It shall be noted that, some of the information in the Forms is automatically completed by CySEC IT Department, from the data currently available in the Commission’s official archives;
  3. The data which is contained in each Form is Saved and Submitted by clicking on “Save”;
  4. During the Form Submission the use of the digital certificate is not needed.


CySEC draws the attention of CIFs to the following important dates:

19 May 2017 end of submission of XML file, XX_KPDATA_CY_000000_00.XML.

The TRS System will reject submissions of this kind.

19 May 2017 launch of the new CIF Record Content at CySEC Portal.
until 16 June 2017 all existing data in the new CIF Record Content Forms must be reviewed and updated.
Continuous Reporting all new/changed data in all relevant Sections must be immediately submitted to CySEC via the Portal using the new CIF Record Content Forms.
Continuous Monitoring the CIFs must continuously review the reporting data in all relevant Sections and immediately correct any errors.

CIFs are urged to study the relevant User Guides and other documentation posted in CySEC Portal. For queries and/or other technical support, the CIFs are asked to communicate at the email address stating the name and license number on the subject as well as attach print screens with the issue they face.