“IFRS-9 in Practice: Risk Management Perspective”

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“IFRS-9 in Practice: Risk Management Perspective”

Webinar’s Overview

IFRS 9 accounting standard “Financial Instruments” was developed by the International Accounting Standards Board. The standard incorporates the requirements of all three phases of the financial instruments projects, being: Classification and Measurement; Impairment; and Hedge Accounting. In EU IFRS 9 standard was adopted by Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/2067 of 22 November 2016. IFRS 9 requires modelling of credit risk factors. This requirement of IFRS 9 complicates its implementation and create needs for additional training.

Webinar’s Goals
  • To understand the basic features of IFRS-9 accounting standard
  •  To categorise financial assets and liabilities in accordance with IFRS 9 requirements.
  •  To know the forward-looking model for the recognition of expected losses on financial assets.
  • To perform calculations of the 12-month and life-time expected losses.
  •  To perform significant increase of credit risk assessment.
  • To establish internal policies in accordance with IFRS 9 Standard.
  • To cooperate with the Heads of the different departments with respect to credit risk management and provisioning.
  •  To articulate and justify provisioning proposals to the Management


May 27 2021


08:30 - 15:30

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