CySEC Circular C559 – CIFs Quarterly Statistics (Form QST-CIF) – 31/03/2023 Submission

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Relevant to: Cyprus Investment Firms (‘CIFs’)

Circular C559 (“the Circular”) dated 31/03/2023 informs all CIFs for the new version of Quarterly Statistics Form (Form QST-CIF).

The present Circular is issued pursuant to section 25(1)(c)(ii) & (iii) of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission Law (the ‘CySEC Law’).

Through Circular C559, CySEC wishes to inform all CIFs that in an attempt to make the collection of information more efficient, the information requested in Form CA-CIF, has been integrated in the new version of the Form QST-CIF (the ‘Form’). Thus, the Form CA-CIF, will no longer be collected. In this respect, CIFs will have to submit only one form on a quarterly basis, i.e., Form QST-CIF.

The key takeaways from CySEC’s C559 circular can be found below:

  • The latest version of Form QST-CIF, Version 10, must be completed and submitted to CySEC by all CIFs that were authorised by March 31, 2023. In this respect, CIFs that were authorised by March 31, 2023, but have not made use of their authorisation must also submit the Form.
  • The latest version of Form QST-CIF can be found here.
  • The Form must be successfully submitted electronically via the CySEC’s Transaction Reporting System (‘TRS’) by 15:00 hrs, Friday, May 12, 2023, the latest. CySEC wishes to emphasise the importance of meeting the deadline set, for successful submission of the Form.
  • The submission deadlines of all quarters of 2023 can be found on the table below:
QuarterReporting PeriodSubmission Deadline
Q1 202301/01/2023 – 31/03/202312/05/2023
Q2 202301/04/2023 – 30/06/202304/08/2023
Q3 202301/07/2023 – 30/09/202306/11/2023
Q4 202301/10/2023 – 31/12/202305/02/2024
  • Circular C559 also includes additional clariications/information on how to complete and submit the Form.
  • For any queries on the completion of Form QST-CIF, CIFs are advised to submit them only in writing, BEFORE Friday, April 28, 2023, by sending an email to the address .
  • For any technical matters on digitally signing and submitting the Form, CIFs are advised to frequently visit the CySEC’s website, at the specified section. For further clarifications, CIFs are requested to use the electronic address
  • It is also reminded that any email communication with CySEC should always include in the subject, the CIFs’ full name and the TRS coding.

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